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Joe Lentini's Ascent Services Worldwide LLC

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For me climbing is more than just fun, it's my lifestyle. I love to share my passion with those who are drawn to the mountains. Text me, email me, call me. My guiding is about customizing the course just for you.




Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering Guiding and Instruction. Photography and Multi-Media, Technical  Rescue Training

I've seen summers like this before. Cooler, wetter, a little buggier. I'll take this over the 95 degree and humid of last year.

For over thirty-eight years I have been a professional climbing guide. Climbing has been my passion as well as my profession. Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering, it doesn?t matter. I love to climb. This is why I live in New England, my climbing changes with the seasons. I am particular as to who I climb with. If you want to check-off climbing on your list before you go shark hunting there are many guides out there for you. I am not one of them. If you want a "cheap" course I'm sure you can find one. If you want experience and a professional then I'm available. If you have a passion for the Mountains, for rock climbing, ice climbing or mountaineering then I may be the guide for you. Even if you have never climbed but the thought of going high has stirred something in you we can work together.



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